About Gerry Sinnott

Having worked in the retail trade for over thirty years,way back when we used a telex machine to connect with the world and do business,the pace of change has been incredible and I know wish to share my experiences and stories with the world.

When all this social media thing started I ignored it and I let it pass me by.Having found myself out of work I then had to learn and catch up with the new ways of getting connected and having watched a you tube video of Gary Vaynerchuk the light switch went on and presto I had my mojo back.

Its fifty years now since as a child  of six I watched a startled Charles Mitchell (our main news reader at the time)announce that John F Kennedy had bee assassinated it was on a black and white T.V. set no remote and just earlier that summer I had waved an american flag as he passed in a motorcade on his way from Dublin airport. A famous Quote he made and he made many Embrace Change

“Change is the law of life.and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” I do not intend to miss the future.


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