Dead Interesting


The  Author of  the   book  “Dead Interesting “sadly passed out of  this life on the 20th March  this  year.

I did  not  know Shane  personally  but  I  have  read  his  two books .I have  also  completed  a  couple  of tours  of  Galasnevin  but  never caught  Shane’s  tour , he  was  a  guide  and  the historian  of  Glasnevin  Graveyards  along  with  being  a  father and  a  true republican. All the guides have a love of history and place.

My mum knew  his dad  Eamonn  as  she  grew  up  in Inchicore  where  Eamonn  once  lived. My uncle  Frarncis  Clinton went   to   school with  Eamonn. Years  ago my uncle  came  to  our  house  in  Beaumont  with  my aunt and my cousins and  another  friend.  Willie  Barnes  they went  to catch  up with  the  bold  Eamonn . Who was now living in Glasnevin .. Hours  later  they  had  not  returned  and  my aunt  was  frantic  with  worry ,(It was  before  mobile  phones)  After midnight   they  strolled  back  into  our  house   and   my uncle  quipped  that  they  had  lost all track  of  time  and  that Eamonn  had  now  enough  stories   to write  another book.”Time was made so that everything would not happen  together” Albert Einstein .

Shane  was  in  the  middle  of  writing  his  third  book   but he decided  that  his  time  had  come  and  ours  is  not  to  reason why.

Now  all  we  can  do  is  to  make  that  sure  we  walk  in  Shane’s footsteps  by  visiting  Glasnevin . Read  his  wonderful  books   and listen  for  his  whispers  in  the  wind  so  that  he  and  his  dad  and  all  who rest  here  may  live  forever  in  our  hearts  and  his  whispers  do  not  go unheard .

May  his  god  go  with  him  and  may  he  R.I.P.

In  August  of  this  year   the   steps  in  the   Daniel O Connell  tower  will   have  been  restored  again  this  was   his   last  big undertaking ,  after  they  were  blown  up  by  loyalists  in  the time  of  the  troubles. Another great  reason  to  visit.  Also  there is  a beautiful  walk  that links  The Botanic gardens and Glasnevin  Museum .



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